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Our Vision

We believe in Cardano's vision of making banking available for the unbanked and giving financial freedom.

Our Mission

We would like to help our Cardano family grow and we are willing to provide free consultation for setting up a stake pool for any new stake pool operators willing to start their own pool.

About us

Two experts with 15+ years of experience in IT Consulting & cloud based technologies. We both are long time crypto enthusiasts, and have been part of Cardano family since 2017.

Pool Info

Pool Data
Name: ADA Moon Stake Pool
Ticker: AMOON
PoolID: 059b4217a24a8c67a363968ff1db13a17ed96e611362450c115b2415


ADA Price

Technical Specs

Relay 1
CPUs: 4
SSD: 320GB
Relay 2
CPUs: 4
SSD: 320GB
Block Producer
CPUs: 4
SSD: 150GB


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How can we help you?

Please contact us and we would love to answer any questions regarding delegating your stake or becoming a stake pool operator. If you are interested in becoming a stake pool operator then we can provide free service to help you setup.